Dangerous Radical Far-Right Mob Promotes Science and Common Sense ~ Ep 775

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Posted on Friday, August 13th, 2021 ~ Video Length: 37900 Views ~ 3455 Likes

Dangerous Radical Far-Right Mob Promotes Science and Common Sense ~ Ep 775" ~ from Matt Walsh

"Dangerous Radical Far-Right Mob Promotes Science and Common Sense ~ Ep 775" ~ from Matt Walsh

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00:00 Opening
02:10 Dangerous, Radical, Far-Right Mob Promotes Science And Common Sense
15:39 Biden Addresses The Chaos At Tennessee School Board Meetings
22:43 California Mom Convicted Of Pushing Her Son From Parking Garage, Killing Him
31:55 Census Shows People In The US Identifying As White Dropped Below 60%
36:25 Media Matters Goes After YouTube For Letting The Daily Wire Post Content
41:10 Reading The Comments
51:55 Jen Psaki Is Canceled
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media is reporting that I was part of a radical, chaotic, extremist, dangerous mob at the school board meeting a few days ago. That s not exactly how I remember it. This is just one of the lies they are telling as part of their latest push to convince you to panic over COVID all over again. Also, a woman in California has been charged with murder after throwing her infant off of a roof. She obviously deserves to rot in prison for what she did, and yet I can t help but notice that if she had killed her infant only a few months earlier, and for the same reason, we would be told to celebrate her. And, Media Matters publishes a report highlighting the supposed transphobia of the Daily Wire in a transparent effort to get us booted from YouTube. Finally, in our Daily Cancellation, we ll try to figure out whether it is actually sexist to describe a woman as nice. Jen Psaki says it is.
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