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  1. 21:23
    Jul 08 / 50 / Iraqveteran8888
    Top 5 Videos are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and may contain satire. Bigfoot, aliens, and your daughter's boyfriend are safe. Top 5 subjects are meant to drive political commentary, may contain popular culture references, and offer a light-hearted means to demonstrate unique and interesting firearms to our viewers. CHECK OUT WILL'S MEAT:
  2. 13:27
    Jun 30 / 50 / TheFireArmGuy
    St Louis couple defends the property and themselves with firearms. This story is making big news with various opinions. I share thoughts and opinions in this video. Let me know if you agree with my points. Subscribe Here -
  3. 21:35
    Jun 23 / 50 / TheFireArmGuy
    Here is my opinion on the Best Kahr Handgun for the Money. Ever since Kahr began their Value Series of pistols, the prices significantly dropped. The C and S series offer incredible values without compromising Kahr quality. The build quality and mechanics of Kahr pistols is what I find most impressive. Which Kahr model do you feel is the best for the money? Subscribe Here -
  4. 6:58
    May 13 / 652 / TheFireArmGuy
    Do you think the Taurus G2C is the best handgun for the money? In this video, we explore that question. Once I receive the viewer feedback, I will come back and share the results along with offer my opinion. I will also bring out a couple handguns that I feel are great for the money. Subscribe Here -
  5. 17:10
    May 07 / 1264 / Lucky Gunner Ammo
    It's a blast from the past! (No pun intended. Probably). I'm looking back at one of our most popular videos ever to provide some new reflections, revisions, updates, and other commentary. Do I still think the Smith & Wesson Model 66 is the best revolver in the world? Did I ever really think that to begin with? Does it even matter? Find out in this 2020 update of The Best Revolver in the World. Watch the original Best Revolver in the World here:

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